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Quincy Covid Memories

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Black Friday stroll in the city. Christmas tree lighting at Hancock Adams Common in November with…

NQHS 2020 graduation

A different type of graduation ceremony, with social distancing in place.

Celebrating the NQHS 2020 graduates!

Just a couple of teachers cheering on the NQHS Class of 2020 car parade.

2020 Covid-style wedding

P6200686 (2).JPG
My son and his wife wanted their wedding on the Summer Solstice. Circumstances required them to…

Flag day drive through parade

Perfect summer day to celebrate our Grand Ole Flag with our city. Quincy hosts the nation’s longest…

A FaceTime birthday

We couldn't be physically with my sister on her birthday so we FaceTimed her to send her our love…

Paying a visit

My family was saying happy birthday to my grandparents, however in a rather unorthodox manner due to…

Lorraine Rooney’s 89th birthday parade!

Lorraine Rooney's 89th Birthday Parade from Karen Stacy.mp4
Lorraine Rooney’s 89th birthday on May 12th was celebrated by her kids, grandkids, and great…