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Quincy Covid Memories

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First day of school during Covid

Clara begins her first day of preschool with a mask. (Age 3)

Kindness rocks: be the good.

Art therapy has been a creative outlet for me during this pandemic. It comes in many different forms…

Empty airplane!

Traveling for a lab instrument repair in Mississippi.

Quincy Sun Letter "Does My Black Life Matter in Quincy"

Letter to the editor in September 3rd edition of Quincy Sun

Piping Plover chick camouflaged on Wolly Beach

This adorable chick is 6 days old. It was truly amazing to observe the only surviving chick of four…

Empathy is described as stronger than sympathy

The sympathy card section at CVS on Quincy Shore Drive

A racial reckoning

A sentinel of Mt. Wollaston Cemetery, this elk has stood proudly since 1930. The history of the BPOE…

Quarantine in Beechwood Knoll

My husband Ryan was deemed essential and worked throughout the pandemic. Everything in this photo…

Quincy Tourism Office Then & Now

Quincy Tourism 2.jpg
My exciting journey began in January, joining the City of Quincy as the new Tourism Director to…

Quincy sisters grew up to be emergency nurses in Boston during Covid-19

Born and raised in Quincy. Worked at QMC to start our careers, now working together in downtown…

Visits to the nursing home look a lot different

Virgins Crismond lived in Quincy her entire life. She had a wonderful family who enjoyed their…

A quiet afternoon outside City Hall

quincy square 03252020.jpg
This was the scene in Quincy Square just over a week after Governor Baker's stay-at-home advisory

Eyes of quarantine

eyes 1.jpg
Through the eyes of quarantine, life itself is viewed differently

QATV remote studio

Here is where Quincy Access Television's AM Quincy and Currently in Quincy programs were produced…