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Quincy Covid Memories

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"Grandfather tree protected from Covid-19"

My husband, Wayne thought our “Grandfather Tree” in our back yard needed a mask to protect it from…

2020 Covid-style wedding

P6200686 (2).JPG
My son and his wife wanted their wedding on the Summer Solstice. Circumstances required them to…

2020 essential

This image is captured to express the significance of medical masks today. To avoid COVID-19, masks…

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A different view

Taken at Houghton’s Pond

A FaceTime birthday

We couldn't be physically with my sister on her birthday so we FaceTimed her to send her our love…

A garden during COVID

This is a photo of mine and my roommates' garden during COVID. I used to garden back when I lived in…

A Light in the darkness

A Light in the Darkness.jpg
I titled this "A Light in the Darkness" because I made the image dark and gloomy, but if you look…

A quiet afternoon outside City Hall

quincy square 03252020.jpg
This was the scene in Quincy Square just over a week after Governor Baker's stay-at-home advisory

A racial reckoning

A sentinel of Mt. Wollaston Cemetery, this elk has stood proudly since 1930. The history of the BPOE…

A silent ride around the neighborhood.

I took this picture the first time me and my family went out for a walk after quarantine started. Me…

Abandoned swings

It is amazing to see how even a small swing set is off limits during this pandemic.

Absentee ballot drop box

City Hall finally has an outdoor ballot drop box installed

All masked

A stuffed animal with a mask on, symbolizing the necessity of having a mask.

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My husband and I took a trip to Oahu to celebrate my 50th birthday. We got back on March 3, just…

America turned upside down

The American flag has always been seen to be up straight and standing strong. But since this…

An email I received from Mass General

An email I received from Mass General.jpg
People are finding creative ways to inspire giving to Massachusetts General Hospital’s COVID-19…


An empty and lonely school parking lot

north parking lot .jpg
North Quincy High School

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