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Quincy Covid Memories

Contribution Terms of Service




The City of Quincy invites residents and community members to contribute recollections, photographic images, video, social media postings or other digital content to Thomas Crane Public Library, which is coordinating the creation of a digital record of memories and experiences of people living and/or working in the City of Quincy during the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.

Contributors must be 18 years of age or older to submit to the project. Contributors under the age of 18 you can have a legal parent or guardian submit the materials on their behalf. Contributors may only submit material entirely of their own creation. Material may not be copied from or based, in whole or in part, upon any other photographic, literary, or other material, except to the extent that such material is in the public domain, or permission is obtained from the copyright owner. The City will consider “Fair Use” material upon proper verification. If you would like to refer or nominate material which you do not own, please contact us at:

Contributors will be required to:

  • Certify as to their  right and authority to donate each submission to Thomas Crane Public Library;
  • Agree that each submission is subject to the retention policies of the Library in regard to its use and Agree that each submission shall be considered a subject to the contributor’s ownership and copyright, if any;
  • Designate whether a submission is “public,” and may therefore be published on this website (with or without Contributor credit, at Contributor’s preference). Each submission will be included in the Thomas Crane Public Library historical record.  

Submitted material must not violate any confidentiality, privacy, security or other laws. Please be aware that all submissions and any information associated with the submissions (email address, descriptive information, etc.) shall be kept confidential, except as otherwise required by law.

The project staff and editors reserve the right to decline and to discard any submission should it not fit the theme and intent of this project, be identified as irrelevant, or for any other reason within their sole and reasonable judgment. Thomas Crane Public Library is not obligated to include content in this project or preserve it in perpetuity.