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Quincy Covid Memories

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Geo-stones, May 2020.JPG
About two months ago I took a cue from the numerous friendly rocks that kids have been painting and…

Parents and children filled City Hall plaza with messages of support for Black Lives Matter movement

Mask from Quincy Masks and hat from Adams National Park

My husband and I took a trip to Oahu to celebrate my 50th birthday. We got back on March 3, just…

P6200686 (2).JPG
My son and his wife wanted their wedding on the Summer Solstice. Circumstances required them to…

A sentinel of Mt. Wollaston Cemetery, this elk has stood proudly since 1930. The history of the BPOE…

Perfect summer day to celebrate our Grand Ole Flag with our city. Quincy hosts the nation’s longest…

Art therapy has been a creative outlet for me during this pandemic. It comes in many different forms…

I took this picture the first time me and my family went out for a walk after quarantine started. Me…

Stones 20200521_065043.jpg
In mid-April, I took a walk down to Wollaston Beach to find some peace as the pandemic was hitting…

Now we all live a different and challenging time. That is an opportunity for searching, creating,…

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Manet staff  - Please stay home for us.jpg
The COVID-19 testing team from Manet CHC reminding people that staying home is the best way to help…

Manet CHC header.jpg
This is a collage showing how Manet staff continued to serve patients throughout the pandemic.

Manet CHC #MAthanks Video FINAL.mp4
The staff at Manet Community Health Center say thank you to essential workers for helping to keep…

Made by neighborhood children

During the pandemic period the city playground next to my home, people try to stay home except my…

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Solidarity Action.jpeg
Food aid for needy people who lost their jobs