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Quincy Covid Memories

Creating 400 donation masks for Quincy's 400th anniversary




Creating 400 donation masks for Quincy's 400th anniversary



Looking at the pandemic situation, thousands of miles away from family, wishing for their and everyone’s wellbeing. As a fulltime working woman, parent of a teenager, and student at times perusing some certifications. Always hoping and trying to contribute something back to the community and do my bit. This time it was different, it took couple of weeks to settle down with the new normal, yet with a prominent thought at the back of my mind, how and where can I be of help?
I had a sewing machine, but was last used when my mom visited us and sewed some torn clothes and a beautiful quilt as memory. I learned to sew mask for my family and thought of making few for friends at first. Then thought this skill could be pretty useful as masks are in need. Our essential workers, old age home(people), homeless people and many other places are in need of masks. Didn’t know how to move forward and make a difference.
Started with some supplies at home. Slowly I came across the group called ‘Quincy Sewing Hope’ wonderful group of people. As a group we have donated 2000+ masks so far. Today, in about four weeks I could sew over 120 masks in total on personal donation basis and more via ‘Quincy Sewing Hope’ group. On Quincy’s 400th anniversary, I am targeting to make 400 masks as a memory and then many more to make.


Bhatt, Sweta


2020 June 2


Bhatt, Sweta


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