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Quincy Covid Memories

Massachusetts COVID-19 Anti-Epidemic Frontline Medical Staff




Massachusetts COVID-19 Anti-Epidemic Frontline Medical Staff


National Asian Women's Association and
Networking Program of Best of the Best National Asian Leaders, and Coalition of Best of the Best Chinese Quintessence Leaders - Joint launch

This century's historic charity held a dedication,
[ Massachusetts COVID-19 Anti-epidemic Fundraising Action]

On 5 /08/2020, in a beautiful sunny day, chairwoman Le took her heavy responsibility and started this century's historic charity held a donation ceremony for South Cove Manor at Quincy Point in the City of Quincy.

[One of the action plans - Working Together to Prevent and Control the Epidemic Situation]

In order to comprehensively guarantee the measures of safe isolation, and to protect the health of the professional medical staff with the most valuable service, President Le is happy to represent the elite leaders and all the sponsors came to the South Cove Manor in Quincy to pay a special tribute to the frontline medical staff of the New Coronary Pneumonia in Massachusetts and for
[Nurse's Day] and [Mother‘s Day] sent with two love cheques of $5000 to South Cove Manor Rehabilitation Center express for their super angels nurses, with their heroes works at this historic moment.
During this anti-epidemic period, Chairwoman Le extremely grateful to the leadership of the administrative team of South Cove Manor has reached their noblest mission with the residents for those of the whole facility and their heroes employees. They have been successfully completed an extreme good work with ZERO POSITIVE CASE of the New Coronary Pneumonia Virus test result specially held on April 17 and April 18, 2020. Such outstanding achievements should arouse the recognition of all people in Massachusetts.
National Asian Women's Association is proud of them, and deeply congratulating and appreciating all employees in this crisis situation, still maintain every member of the facility in good health and care.
Sincerely wish them again maintain excellent work and stay healthy!

Van Amanda Le, Chairwoman
& All Fundraising Sponsors

LE would like to sincerely thank you for all contributions,
cooperation, support from all donors, community leaders, and members. Even more grateful to [Jin Wen] my friend, for making a flawless poster for us as a historic commemoration!

Special thanks to Master Shi Chuan Miao, Amita Buddhsim Society for Multicultural Education Association, assisted in fundraising planning activities, kindly participated in the donation of $ 1000 to [ South Cove Manor Rehabititation Center ], as well as representatives of
the fundraising action team.

Wish you all [ Maintain excellent work and strong health ]

Van Amanda Le,

[Bill Graves, CEO SCM; Van Amanda Le, Chairwoman; Li Chen, RN, BSN, Administrator]


National Asian Women's Association


2020 May 8


Le, Van Amanda


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