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Quincy Covid Memories

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Socially distant birthday wish for my nephew Jack!

jack edited 2.mp4
My adorable nephew, Jackson DiGiovanni, turned 5 years old on May 1st 2020 - during the height of…

2020 Covid-style wedding

P6200686 (2).JPG
My son and his wife wanted their wedding on the Summer Solstice. Circumstances required them to…

A silent ride around the neighborhood.

I took this picture the first time me and my family went out for a walk after quarantine started. Me…

My boys' picnic in the backyard

Now we all live a different and challenging time. That is an opportunity for searching, creating,…

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Monopolize the city playground

During the pandemic period the city playground next to my home, people try to stay home except my…

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A FaceTime birthday

We couldn't be physically with my sister on her birthday so we FaceTimed her to send her our love…

Visits to the nursing home look a lot different

Virgins Crismond lived in Quincy her entire life. She had a wonderful family who enjoyed their…

Visiting my grandmother

Allerton House, Quincy - In photo: Lucy Spognardi, 93

"Grandfather tree protected from Covid-19"

My husband, Wayne thought our “Grandfather Tree” in our back yard needed a mask to protect it from…

Boy Scout Backyard Campout with sister

Participating in the National Campout organized by Boy Scouts

My papa’s hands

This photo was taken before the quarantine began, the last time I saw my grandfather.

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Cousin hangout

Normally my cousin would come over and we would sit in our living room and talk, but nowadays we…

Paying a visit

My family was saying happy birthday to my grandparents, however in a rather unorthodox manner due to…

The new fashion accessory

Family just received new face masks.


Quincy sisters grew up to be emergency nurses in Boston during Covid-19

Born and raised in Quincy. Worked at QMC to start our careers, now working together in downtown…

Virtual Camp-In

Quincy's Pack 42 Cub Scouts held a Virtual Camp-In on May 9-10. Nearly 30 Pack families pitched…

Quarantine in Beechwood Knoll

My husband Ryan was deemed essential and worked throughout the pandemic. Everything in this photo…

Isolation during quarantine

She sits inside while reading a book and listening to music longing to go outside again.

Lorraine Rooney’s 89th birthday parade!

Lorraine Rooney's 89th Birthday Parade from Karen Stacy.mp4
Lorraine Rooney’s 89th birthday on May 12th was celebrated by her kids, grandkids, and great…