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Quincy Covid Memories

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COVID-19 updates

This photo was taken over a month ago. The playlist includes a lot of videos including information…

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"Grandfather tree protected from Covid-19"

My husband, Wayne thought our “Grandfather Tree” in our back yard needed a mask to protect it from…

Emotional support

The best part of having the privilege of working from home during the height of the pandemic was the…

Boy Scout Backyard Campout with sister

Participating in the National Campout organized by Boy Scouts

Woodward School

Hearts in the windows of Woodward School

NeverEnding support

Neverending Support.jpg
This image shows the neverending support that everyone has for essential workers.


This image shows how empty the city felt when quarantine first began.


A Light in the darkness

A Light in the Darkness.jpg
I titled this "A Light in the Darkness" because I made the image dark and gloomy, but if you look…

My papa’s hands

This photo was taken before the quarantine began, the last time I saw my grandfather.

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Man on the sidewalk

This man was on the side of the road, asking for money.


Indirect kiss

indirect kiss.jpg
Using surrealism, I captured how during the time of the pandemic, people are limited when it comes…

Sunset over the horizon

sunset over the horizon.jpg
The empty water front looking across the ocean to see the city of Boston.

Hardships of racism

In this image it shows how racism due to the virus has negatively impacted the subject.

Cousin hangout

Normally my cousin would come over and we would sit in our living room and talk, but nowadays we…