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Quincy Covid Memories

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Socially distant birthday wish for my nephew Jack!

jack edited 2.mp4
My adorable nephew, Jackson DiGiovanni, turned 5 years old on May 1st 2020 - during the height of…

Flag day drive through parade

Perfect summer day to celebrate our Grand Ole Flag with our city. Quincy hosts the nation’s longest…

Manet CHC says 'Thank You' to essential workers

Manet CHC #MAthanks Video FINAL.mp4
The staff at Manet Community Health Center say thank you to essential workers for helping to keep…

Vigil in honor of George Floyd

On this day, thousands of all races came together for a vigil and march in honor of George Floyd and…

My buddy

This is me FaceTiming with my buddy Stevie. I haven’t been able to see him in person in two months.


COVID-19 grocery shopping

COVID-19 Grocery Shopping from Tim Lewis.mp4
What grocery shopping was like at Roche Brothers in Quincy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lorraine Rooney’s 89th birthday parade!

Lorraine Rooney's 89th Birthday Parade from Karen Stacy.mp4
Lorraine Rooney’s 89th birthday on May 12th was celebrated by her kids, grandkids, and great…

A quiet spring snowfall on Blacks Creek

7 a.m. - note the lack of car sounds.

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